Why You Still Need a Relational Database

Lukas Eder - How Modern SQL Databases Come up with Algorithms that You Would Have Never Dreamed Of — fun talk about why SQL is the best language for querying data, the algorithmic detail starts 26 minutes in.

Ozan Onay - You Are Not Google — argues that your use cases probably don’t have the requirements that led Google to develop MapReduce, or Amazon to develop Dynamo.

Werner Vogels - A one size fits all database doesn’t fit anyone — Amazon’s CTO explains why they have so many database products and how each serves differing use cases, with examples of businesses deploying the different technologies together.

Perils of p Values

Nature - Scientists rise up against statistical significance — outlines the problems of using statistical significance, linking on to related sources.

Uzma Barlaskar - Why you should be data informed not data driven — advocates not relying on data alone but considering it among other inputs (product insight etc.)

Dev Environment

Atlassian - The best way to store your dotfiles: A bare Git repository — simple, minimal approach for keeping dotfiles in git. Bonus list of dotfiles

Castel.dev - How I’m able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim — using vim features (especially snippets) to facilitate rapid note-taking with equations.

Dzyoba.com - How I revamped my Vim setup — Experienced Vim user tailoring it to their needs, in particular discovering core features that were simply missed when first learning Vim.

Data Science Organisation

Monica Rogati - The AI Hierarchy of Needs — sets out the foundational data collection, ETL and analytics that come before a need for ML, referencing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

StitchFix - Beware the data science pin factory: The power of the full-stack data science generalist and the perils of division of labor through function — argues for full stack data scientists with a solid data platform.

StitchFix - Engineers Shouldn’t Write ETL: A Guide to Building a High Functioning Data Science Department — good engineers aren’t happy writing ETL. Build the tooling to enable data scientists to do it.


AngerSock - Getting Toasty: Observations on Burnout — enjoyable rant about burnout. Digs into the anatomy of burnout and how to identify and step away from it.


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